Please note that we cannot guarantee that our banking partners will open your bank account .

Both local and internationally owned companies can open a bank account in Ireland and our team assist our clients to open accounts each day through the main Irish retail banks and also our online partners. If you require a bank account for your business we will pass you on to our contact in the bank who will work with you in opening an account once your company is formed. This process will typically involve the following:

  • Completing a due diligence questionnaire about the business and its owners
  • Providing full disclosure on who the main business trade partners will be and the locations for where payments coming into and out of the account will be going
  • Completing the banks AML compliance processes which should be similar to ours
  • For internationally owned companies the bank may wish to meet in person with an authorised person and with Bank of Ireland they may insist on having an operational presence in the state

We will have already provided you with many of the documents you need to open your bank account for your company as part of our incorporation service. Our offices and business centres in Dublin and co. Kildare are located within walking distance of numerous branches of AIB and Bank of Ireland so many of our international clients who retain our services take the opportunity to visit our offices and team at the time of taking up appointment in the bank.

An online Bank account is also an option with various FinTech solution providers such as Revolut & Fire. Our contacts in these companies can organise your bank account opening forms and ensure that this is done as efficiently as possible. Remote opening of these bank accounts should not be a problem through our office.

For bank account opening pricing this is done a case by case basis as there are various factors to consider such as the nature and complexity of the proposed operations, the geographic areas for which trade will be undertaken and the profile and experience of the owners to name but a few.

Please contact our office should you wish to obtain a quote for bank account opening assistance.

Our Banking packages

Nominee Company Secretary

Who is this service for?

All Limited Companies, regardless of their size or economic

Activities, must appoint a Company Secretary.

How can Fusion assist you?

  • If you do not have another person to act in the capacity of Company Secretary for your company, Fusion Formations can provide this service to you.
  • We have the required skills and know how to deal with all aspects of your company’s Secretarial requirements. We can act as named secretary in your
  • company and assist with your company’s statutory Annual maintenance requirements

What does our service include?

Ensuring you are informed of all your Company’s filing obligations in advance of their due date and the signing off of Accounts, when prepared. The countersigning of all required documentation to be signed in an

official capacity as Company Secretary.

What to expect from the service?

This is an Annual service is invoiced on a yearly basis. Our client services team will contact you to remind you regarding your annual subscription around one month before your renewal is due.

We can also assist you with any additional Company Secretarial services that you may require for your company and we can provide a quote to you on request.

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Subtotal €299.00

Nominee Company Secretary