What is the Significance of a Registered Office Address?

All the companies in the Republic of Ireland are required to have a registered office address. The registered office of a company not only represents the brand image of the business but is also essential for sending out legal correspondence, notices, official documents or business post. The company’s records, registers and other statutory documents are usually kept at its registered office address too. Therefore, it is one of the primary requirements of a company’s registration process to declare its registered office address.

Can a Registered Office Address be a Post Box Number?

The company’s registered office address should be a physical location. It is not permitted to use a post office box number as a registered office address of the company. The registered office address should be a full, physical postal address where important mail, letters and legal notices or correspondence can be securely received by post and that a member of general public can access it for inspection of statutory registers of the company.

Registered Office Agent

A company may choose to use the address of a Registered Office Agent (ROA). This means that the company’s registered office address will be that of an agent, approved for the purpose in the Republic of Ireland. The company wishing to use the ROA should file a consent for such appointment with the CRO:
  • The consent is filed on Form B2 stating the name of the registered agent, their number and address;
  • The Form B2 must be signed by an officer of the company;
  • The ROA continues to hold such position unless the company changes its registered office by submitting a Form B2 with the CRO.

What if You Want to Change a Company’s Registered Office Address?

There might be circumstances where the directors of the company decide to change the company’s registered office, a company is allowed to do so as long as the new location is situated within the Republic of Ireland.

  • The change in location is required to be notified to the CRO by completing Form B2;
  • The company shall notify the change of registered office address not later than 14 days after the change takes place;
  • It is an offence if the CRO has not been notified about the change and therefore could result in legal action.

How Can Fusion Formations Help You?

The change to the registered office address can be completed by filing Form B2 online. However, we recognise that getting it done through a reliable company formation agent makes the whole process quicker and stress-free. Our team of professionals can handle the whole process proficiently for you, keeping in view the compliance of all the statutory requirements.

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