Appointment of Directors – Overview

Every company is required to appoint directors at the time of its incorporation. A private company limited by shares should have a minimum of one director, in which case it should appoint a secretary. All other companies are required to have atleast two directors. These appointments are made in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act and the company’s constitution.

There could be changes to the directors that are appointed in the first instance. These changes could result from the appointment of additional directors, resignation or death of a director, removal of a director or expiry of their term of office.

How to Notify the Changes in Directors / Secretary of the Company?

Where the company makes changes to the directors or secretary or changes take place in their particulars like the change of name or residential address, it is essential to notify these changes to the CRO. The changes are notified by filing the Form B10. The conditions that apply when filing Form B10 include the following:
  • The form should be submitted not later than 14 days of the change in the officers of the company or their particulars;
  • Where the director holds the office in more than one company, Form B10 should be filed for each such company;
  • The form should be signed by an officer of a company who still holds the office;
  • Where the person holding the office of a director becomes disqualified from holding such position, this should also be notified through filing Form B10.

Disqualification of a Director in Another Country

Where a person appointed as a director of a company is presently disqualified from being an officer in another country, it is his or her legal obligation to ensure that Form B74 is filed when filing Form A1 or Form B10. Where there is failure in filing Form B74 or it contains incorrect or misleading information, such person would be considered disqualified for the rest of the term of his or her disqualification in the foreign country.

How can Fusion Formations Help You?

The filing of Form B10 is quite simple and quicker to do. It is free to file online. However, a non-compliance of the requirement to file Form B10 results in a category 3 offence meaning it could result it imprisonment and levy of a fine.

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