What Does a Shelf Company Mean?

A shelf company, as the name suggests, is one that is ‘bought off the shelf’ or is readymade. It is a legally incorporated company but has not engaged in any trading activity. Shelf companies are an efficient way of getting a company up and running in as quick as 24 hours. It typically takes around 3 to 5 working days to get a company incorporated and acquire a company number. However, if you wish to get a company number instantly, it is best to go for a shelf company.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Shelf Company?

There are several benefits to choosing a shelf company, these include the following:

  • Quicker and reliable – This is one of the primary reasons of choosing a shelf company. A shelf company enables you to save time that would have been spent in applying for a company registration from scratch. Since a shelf company is already registered with the CRO, only changing the details of the directors / officials and shareholders can get the job done. It is also a reliable option since the shelf companies are formed by professionals who take care of the completeness and accuracy of its compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • Helps boost entity’s credibility and client confidence – Showing that your company has a longer history of existence helps to establish trustworthiness and thereby enables stronger business relationships with your customers, suppliers and bankers.
  • Gaining new contracts – It can be difficult to win contracts if the company has recently been registered. Some industries / institutions might require that a company has been in existence for a certain period of time before they could bid for any contracts. A shelf company is pre-registered with CRO and enables you to bid on the contracts when you need to.
  • Easy approval for corporate banking – It is much quicker to approach banks for setting up business bank account where the company can show that it is an aged one, in contrast to a newly registered company.

How Can Fusion Formations Help You?

We understand that the initiation of a business venture in itself brings uncertainties and possible time delays. Whether you need to sign an urgent business contract or set-up a business bank account instantly, our professional team at Fusion Formations makes the entire process quick and simple for you.

If you are looking to acquire a shelf company, buy our package ‘Ready Made Shelf Company’ today. This package is comprehensive and will cater to all the requirements that you need to fulfil with regards to the formation of a shelf company for your business. The package comes for a price of €550.00 only (inclusive of CRO fee) and includes the provision of:

  • Original certificate of incorporation;
  • Company’s Constitution;
  • Share certificates; and
  • High-quality plier company seal.

The digital copies of the documents are emailed in the PDF format.

You can also select add-ons for Registered Office address, company secretarial services or service for updating the Register of Beneficial Owners.

Ready Made Shelf Company

Original Certificate of Incorporation

Company Constitution

Express Company Formation

Share Certificates

Free Company Name Check

Digital Documents by email in PDF Format

High Quality Plier Company Seal

Tax & VAT Registration

Add Ons:

Shelf Company Package