Shelf Company Ireland

A shelf company Ireland, or ‘off-the-shelf’ company is a corporate entity that has been set up by someone else and held until it is sold. Once the sale goes through, the ownership is transferred. The new owner is then able to use the company and trade normally.

The benefits of buying a shelf company Ireland are many, including:

  • You save time and money as the company has already been established
  • You can take part in contract bidding as you will not be seen as a new company
  • Your new company will have the appearance of corporate longevity, inspiring confidence

Established companies

Each of our shelf companies in Ireland have been incorporated and then followed procedure by filing non-trading/dormant accounts every year. They are available to purchase immediately along with all required documentation. Your shelf company Ireland will enable you to:

  • Take part in normal commercial trading
  • Operate within any business sector
  • Trade globally
  • Have a current company registration number
  • Benefit from limited liability
  • Take advantage of the changes to corporation tax

Only two directors are required and a single shareholder is permitted.

These companies will have not traded at all. We carry a stock of such companies suitable for any purpose. They are incorporated and have a neutral sounding name, standard Articles, authorised share capital of £100,000 and an issued share capital of £100. This means that you can issue shares, enabling the shareholder/s to have a majority controlling interest. Once the official forms have been signed by the directors and company secretary and a new registered office address added, the transfer can be made and you can trade immediately.

Why should you purchase a shelf company in Ireland?

Established shelf companies in Ireland are guaranteed to be clear of any debts or liabilities. Purchasing an existing company can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • Your corporate image is enhanced and made more secure by the age of the company
  • Building corporate credit is easier as you will not be seen as a new company
  • Establishing a history for your business is straightforward
  • Bidding for contracts will now be possible as an aged corporation
  • Obtaining leases, credit or bank loans will be much easier due to the age of the company