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  • Legally Compliant

    We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that your business name registration is fully compliant with Irish legislation.

  • Quick & Simple Registration

    We will ensure that your Sole Trader business is registered and ready to trade immediately

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    All payments are processed using AIB Realex Merchant Accounts ensuring maximum security and protection.

A Simple Way To Register As A Sole Trader

Thanks to Fusion Formations’ speedy, sole trader setup service, registering as a sole trader in Ireland has become a Simple Process

Perhaps the most popular way to start a business in Ireland quickly, registering as a sole trader is the fastest and simplest approach to running your own business. By registering as self-employed, you are ready to start earning promptly, with minimal paperwork and little fuss. By taking on all the liabilities of your business, you also reap the rewards – but you can still employ people to help you grow your company.

Because Fusion Formations have the knowledge and skills needed to help you hit the ground running, it’s no surprise that we’ve helped so many people become their own boss.

Our speedy, sole trader setup service is as straight-forward as it gets, and we guide you through every step of the way – from completing your business name application to registering your business formally.

Our Sole Trader packages

Sole Trader Name Registration

Get set up as a sole trader in Ireland today with our hassle free, speedy sole trader setup service.

Subtotal €59.00

Sole Trader Name Registration


Business Tax Registration

Let Fusion Formations register your business tax today – legally compliant and fully documented.

Subtotal €128.00

Business Tax Registration