Complete Step by Step Guide to Register a company in Ireland

By: Patrick
21 Jul, 2022

Registering a Company in Ireland

Starting up a business and registering your company in Ireland is quick and easy to do with Fusion Formations. We understand that opening a new company brings extra administrative work and hassle that could appear daunting to anyone who has no relevant professional expertise or previous experience. This is where our services come in. Choosing Fusion Formations will give you the confidence that your company incorporation is being dealt with in a completely professional manner.

We offer a range of company registration packages to suit the specific needs of our clients. Our basic package starts from as low as €199.00 and covers all the preliminary requirements of company registration, obtaining certificate of incorporation and more. Our premium package is priced at €379.00 only and covers all registration aspects including tax and domain registration.

Before we outline the details of the steps to register your company in Ireland, have a look at how this becomes easier for you when you use our services.

What are the Benefits of Engaging Fusion Formations as Your Company Formation Agent?

Our customer feedback is a testimony of our excellent and professional company formation services. Once you engage us, you do not have to look any further. We not only offer company registration services but also offer continuous support by managing your registered office address and company secretarial matters.

Fast and Efficient Company Registration

We prepare all the documents including the application for company registration (Form A1) completely and accurately for your Irish company and correspond with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) on your behalf.

Access to Centrally Located Registered Office Address

When registering through us, you do not have to worry about the company’s registered office address. We offer the registered office address service as an add-on to our company formation packages.

Professional Company Secretarial Services

Buy our add-on for Company secretary and we do the rest for you. We make sure that your company stays compliant with the laws and regulations at all times and ensure the timely submission of all the statutory filings.

Virtual Business Address in Dublin

Our clients benefit from our virtual office service in Dublin, have an instant boost to your brand image and let us help you manage your business correspondence.

High Quality Plier Company Seal

We provide high quality plier company seal as part of our Standard and Premium packages for company formation.

Continuous Assistance and Support

From company registration to guidance and advice, we offer it all to get your business up and running in Ireland. We are happy to answer your queries throughout the registration process and even after.

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Register A Company in Ireland:

  1. Company Registration

The first step is to compile the following information:

  • Company Name: Check that your proposed company name is acceptable to the CRO.
  • Company Structure and Authorised / Issued Share Capital: Most new businesses register as company limited by shares. You also need to determine the authorised share capital and shares to be issued.
  • Particulars of the directors and shareholders: Every company limited by share should have at least one shareholder and a director. Their particulars are required to be submitted with the application.
  1. Registered Office Address

Your new Irish company must have a registered office address located in Ireland. This is the address where all the legal correspondence from CRO and Revenue will be sent. If you struggle to find a suitable location for your business address, we have it sorted for you. Our Registered Office address service comes for a price of €249.00 and provides you with a centrally located registered office address in Ireland.

  1. Company Secretary

Every company in Ireland is required by law to appoint a company secretary. A company secretary takes care of the company’s compliance matters and makes sure that the company fulfils all its statutory duties of filing annual return and other necessary documents, as and when they are required by the law.

A director of a company can act as a company secretary. However, in a single-director company, a separate company secretary needs to be appointed. A company secretary can also be a body corporate like Fusion Formations, which can look after all your company secretarial aspects in a professional manner and ensures your compliance with the law at all times.

  1. Company Seal

It is mandatory for all the companies registered in Ireland to hold a company seal. The company seal, also known as common seal, is a tool to emboss the legal documents of the company with an impression that serves as the company’s signature. Company seal signifies company’s approval and is used on official documents such as share certificates, minutes of meeting and contract or property law documents.

  1. Business Correspondence Address

A business correspondence address is particularly beneficial for companies that operate remotely and where the officials do not live in Ireland. You can have a separate business address where all the correspondence from suppliers, customers or banks can be directed or it could be similar to your registered office address. Our Virtual Office Dublin service provides for this and helps you manage your business mail in an organised and timely manner.

Ready to register your new Irish company?

Once you decide on the company name, registered office, company type and share capital and have the relevant particulars for the company’s key officials, all you have to do is buy one of our company registration packages that suits your needs and we will take care of the rest.

Once your company is registered, we will send digital copies of all the company registration documents by email in PDF format. We will also send the company seal to your chosen address.

Have any queries about selecting a suitable package or regarding the company formation? Contact our team of experts. They will guide you about the entire process and answer any concerns that you may have, to ensure a well-organized and professional start to your new company in Ireland.

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